Witness the Spirit of the Sikhs this April 15th to 17th as the Sikh Heritage Month Celebrations take over the Nation’s Capital. Ottawa will be home to an exhibit based festival that will look to immerse audiences in the rich history of the Sikh people in Canada and abroad through a multitude of art forms.

In 2013, the Ontario government passed and received royal assent on a bill that officially recognized April as Sikh Heritage Month. Since 2014, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has celebrated Sikh Heritage Month. History was made, in 2015, when the Sikh Community partnered with the Peel Art Gallery Museum & Archives (PAMA) in Brampton to celebrate Sikh Heritage Month through a month long series of exhibits, attracting thousands of attendees.

Each year, Sikh Heritage Month focuses on a central theme, which provides consistency, focus and most importantly direction to the months’ celebrations. This year the theme is “The Spirit of the Sikhs”. Through this centralized theme we aim to illustrate core aspects of Sikhism and celebrate the accomplishments of Canadian Sikh’s through many different forms of art.

Sikh Heritage Month in the Nation’s Capital

The Ottawa Sikhi Academy (OSA), a Sikhi inspired non-profit organization based out of Ottawa, is proud to announce the Sikh Heritage Month celebrations will be coming to the Nation’s Capital this year. The OSA has partnered with the SHM Committee in Brampton and will work bilaterally to celebrate the “Spirit of the Sikhs”. The celebrations, in Ottawa, will be taking place between April 15th and April 17th. All exhibitions will be situated at Ottawa City Hall on April 15th and will move to Ottawa’s main Gurdwara on April 16th and 17th. Closing ceremonies will take place on April 17th.

While we actively seek and engage in variety of partnerships, The Ottawa Sikhi Academy functions as an independent base, to specifically not be affiliated with any corporation, university or non-governmental organization other then the Sikh Heritage Month Committee and the Ottawa Sikh Society.

In collaboration with the Ottawa Sikh Society and Punjabi School, the OSA has created a 3 day-long exhibit, featuring multiple aspects of Sikhism.

The following are some of the extraordinary 

  • performances and events that we have planned: 
  • Art exhibit of world-renowned artists 
  • Art Battles
  • Art work of local Sikh & Toronto artists
  • Musical performance, demonstration andseminars
  • Turban tying
  • Punjabi Food
  • Children’s art work
  • Speeches of Government Officials
  • TEGHtalks  (Sikhi related TEDtalks)
  • Martial arts demonstration and seminar 


We seek to engage the community through the exhibition of Sikh Arts and ask you, the people of Ottawa, to join us in making history!


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